Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Strapless Sundress

It's April! And it's sunny! You need a sundress!

This was my first ever try at meshing and texturing! Yay it worked! Haha.

Anyways, I was originally going for this really cute outfit, and then this cute little dress was what I saw. So I worked with it.
There's three recolorable channels, fully CAST-able.
This is for YA/A, it's in the formal and everyday categories.

Thanks to the wonderful help of the people at #create, this dress would not make it if it wasn't for them
Especially Anubis360, who did something called bone assignments, for me. Thanks anubey

The models' skin is Realism skins by me.
Their eyes are Tiffany Glaze by Escand.
Two of the models' hairs are by Missbonbon.
The third model's hair is by Cazy.
The middle one is wearing footless tights by amvalvo.