Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pin Up Pose Pack - Updated for the new pose lists!

You will need cmomoney's Pose Player found here. I am not cmomoney, so please do not ask me questions about the pose player itself. And do not ask questions until you've read both my thread and cmo's. Thanks

Ladies that like to be retro need some retro poses. So I bring you pin up poses that would make your grandpa drool!

In order to replicate the scenes in the photos (such as the two models on the washing machine) you will need OMSP found here.

Because of the angle of the feet, some shoes may look weird and/or awkward. It helps to stay away from extremely high heels. Also, some clothing may clip in the knee area of pose 5.

The custom content on the models:
Some of them have the European Skin by Lemonleaf.
PinUp 1 is wearing this top and this hair.
PinUp 2 is wearing this towel and this headwrap.
PinUp 3 is wearing this hair and this swimsuit.
PinUp 4 is wearing this hair and this minidress.
PinUp 5 is wearing this hair and this bra.
PinUp 6 is wearing, well nothing actually. A nude top can be found here.

Download here: mediafire


  1. This is fantastic. I have downloaded a few of your poses, however how do you the girl to sit in the chair with that pose?. When I do it the girl is sitting on the floor with that pose, and although I have 'moveobjects on' and try to move her to a chair she doesn't sit on the chair! Please help!

    1. Try moving a floor tile on top of the chair and have her sit on the the tile/floor. (: It works for me ^-^ Good luck hehe

  2. To pose them on stuff, you need the OMSP. The link for that is in the description up there^

  3. Brilliant! Thanks for sorting :)

  4. Traelia, theses are stunning! I thought id leave a comment and tell you that i downloaded it, and to say thank you~ you just amaze me

  5. you poses are amazing! You are my main source for poses currently! WOOO!

  6. I'd love to see an inverse of #2 so two friends could pose with their feet together, both looking towards the same direction. :-)