Friday, July 1, 2011

Rue Summer Dress

So, I'm visiting my mother in California and she took me to a store called Rue 21. It's kind of like a cross between Forever 21 and Pac Sun. Anyways! She bought me a dress from there and I thought, "Hey that would be a lovely dress for TS3". So I made it! It was a long and frustrating journey to make it, but I finally got it, and it came out excellent! I hope you enjoy it!

The dress is for YA/A, and is found in the Everyday and Formal categories.
There are three presets, pictured above.
If you see something in the pictures and you want to know where it's from, comment below and I will tell you.

(Click pictures for larger)

I made my own mesh for this, and it gave me ALOT of trouble.

I worked really hard to make it pretty for you. You can re-texture and blah blah blah, but PLEASE give me credit :) If you don't, then I won't release anymore clothes for you to have, and I'll sick my rabid Chihuahua on you. ;)


  1. luv the dress and I luv Rue 21 :)

  2. This dress is adorable! Perfect for summer! I will use this on my style blog and link back to you =)

    I'm interesting in learning how to mesh. Know any good tutorials?

  3. This was worth the wait! Beautiful dress!<3

  4. Thanks everybody!
    And Lucid, yeah I know a few. Let me get you some links.
    Here is a list of videos I used to learn
    And here's a list of tuts that will have all the files you will need.
    Good luck! I hope to see something from you soon!

  5. Adorable, I have a dress just like this one!!

  6. This is the best dress I've seen in ages, thanks so much for sharing, I LOVE it <3<3<3

  7. Cute! Where are the boots that the model in the pink dress is wearing? They're adorable.

  8. It's amazing, Traelia! You're not just the best pose maker, but you're fantastic in making clothes too! ^^ Thanks a lot *-*

  9. I love this dress but then I saw there wasnt a version for teens. Will you be making that or do u only do adult clothing?

  10. Thanks Traelia, you really are a doll! Those tuts are already helping me out alot!

  11. So very cute. A must have. Thank you! :D

    p.s.-Could you please, tell me where you got the jumper outfit that the model on your site pic is wearing? It's too amazing. ^_^

  12. The jumper is from TS3 store, from the newest clothing set.
    The boots are from MTS.
    As for a teen version.. I don't know, because the mesh was such a pain in the butt. But we'll see :)
    Thanks everyone!

  13. Wow, gorgeous! Traelia, thank you for all your stuff, I have everything in my game, srsly! :-)

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  15. MadnessKnowsMyNameJuly 13, 2012 at 11:39 PM

    Ooh. Goregous!
    Rue 21 use to be one of my favorite stores! ^_^