Monday, May 23, 2011

Russell Harmon

Russell Harmon is a nice young man. He recently joined my model list, and he is my new favorite male sim. I made him for Anubis Under the Sun's male model contest. I don't quite remember what traits I gave him, but I'm sure they suit his model looks. ;)

Silly me forgot to change his skintone before packaging. That shouldn't mess anyone's game up though. If he comes up black it's because you don't have tamo's skin installed. All you have to do to cure this is choose another skin, save and exit CAS, and then go back into CAS, and he should be fine. :)

If you want him to look exactly like the picture, you'll need a few things:

Ultra-plain faces by tamo

ultra-plain eyes by tamo

Generations registration gift set top for males (free)

Download here: mediafire

To install, put the .sim file into your SavedSims folder in your Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3.


  1. He looks extremely like Niall Horan from One Direction. Definitely not a bad thing ;D

    1. It's funny cause I made him last year like, waaaaaaaaaaaay before 1D was famous or anything.

    2. Thats why i came in here. I thought it was him xD

  2. I thought it was Niall! hahaha!

  3. omg I thought it was niall too! ahahahah that's funny bc I opened this thinking you named him 'Niall Horan' and then 'Russel Harmon' lmfao! ahahahah One Direction everywhere!