Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pool Pose Megapack - Updated for new pose lists!

You will need cmomoney's Pose Player found here. I am not cmomoney, so please do not ask me questions about the pose player itself. And do not ask questions until you've read both my thread and cmo's. Thanks

To save time and effort, I will not be including the original CC list. If you see something you want, comment and ask where it's from.

Download here: mediafire


  1. Traelia, theses are cute! I thought id leave a comment and tell you that i downloaded it, and to say thank you~ wow we finally have pool ones, cant wait for wedding/prom ones

  2. Wooow.. I don't know what say... Oh, yes, I'm not english, I'm French, so there are probably errors....
    But, I love, no... I think you make very preatty things, and you are applied to your work, because it's more of perfect. It's real, it's very very very very nice-looking. (A few words are from to Google Translate, so if they're falls, excuse me, please ! ^^

    Once again, it's perfect !
    Goob bye, Bisou-n-ours

  3. where did the hair come form on the brown haired chick lying down on the cheetah print chair