Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mia Flora

Hey everyone! Here is another model of mine, you will definitely recognize her. She's packaged with EA everything to avoid causing problems.

Her name is Mia Flora, and she's been my model for a short amount of time. It wasn't until I took this photo that I realized how pretty she was!

So here she is for you to enjoy!

Some content not included, but suggested:
Hair by XMSims
Skin by Emphemera
Plump Lip Stick by Channy and Vivin
Hair by tum tum

Download here: mediafire

To install, place the .sim file into your Documents/Electronic Arts/TS3/Saved Sims
She will then be in your sim bin.


  1. there is no like button in here lol.

  2. Where did you get those shoes from, T?

  3. Dally wally, they are from Myos here:

  4. Where did you get the actual lips from because i have lip glosses but I cant find the actual lips! Do they come with the lip gloss?

  5. Can't download the sunny skin...please help