Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Eyebrow Set 01

I decided I'd try to make some eyebrows!

So I made some lovely eyebrows, and I figured I’d share the ones that I liked the best. So here are three sets, they are for M/F T-E, and I’ve colored them bright red so you can distinguish them in CAS. (I could not get the thumbnails to work and I just got frustrated trying, so I figured I’d just share them without.)


  1. Very hairy. You're so creative. Thank you.

    Looking forward to those horse's eyes too!

  2. I think I'll pluck these from you. Thanks.

    Your gorgeous model looks very like my cousin, even down to those slightly droopy eyes, except that her eyes are greyish blue.

    I'll also second the beg about the horses. You've made my dogs and cats adorable, I really hope that it's not too difficult to do the same for the horses. Though I guess you're busy at college at the moment and I have nothing but my thanks to give you in return for creating them...

  3. beautiful :)
    Thank you for sharing them .

  4. Where did you get your eyeliner/eyeshadow? I notice you use the same set I think...I know you remember!
    Anyways, wonderful eyes brows, these are great. Thank you! I've been following your creations since, I think it was the flirty pose pack? So it's been great seeing you grow as a creator.

    Note: I'm in anon, because I don't know my log in info anymore. :(

    - ShadedNightmare

    1. Well thank you! And the eyeshadow is from Gosik at TSR.

  5. What skin are you using here? It's gorgeous

  6. Vary good! Beautiful!!

  7. Where is the hair from? I really like it and think it looks nice with the eyebrows :) great job I love them

  8. I cannot figure out how to download them! Can anyone please tell me?

  9. Once again a beautiful creation Traelia, very realistic eyebrows, I feel the base game lacks realism in CAS.

  10. Love the site!

    Please check out mine:

  11. I'm so sad :( ,its a .RAR file and I haven't got winrar.